Latest OCC News

Announcing the winners of the OCC Art Competition

Organised to raise morale during pandemic times, this low key competition has elicited some fantastic contributions.

by Simon Currin - 13/08/2020

Happy 81st Birthday, Jon Sanders!

Jon Sanders celebrates his 81st birthday today. He is the oldest person in our history to have solo circumnavigated planet Earth. 

by Stephen Davis for Jon Sanders - 12/08/2020

OCC NE USA SSB net is up and running

The Ocean Cruising Club NE USA SSB radio net is operated by OCC members but is open for participation by any cruisers in the area with SSB.

by John Franklin - 11/08/2020

Three OCC Challenge Grants Awarded for 2020

Just announced - the recipients of the OCC Challenge Grants for 2020: Philippe Jamotte, Dustin Reynolds, and Greg Landreth and Keri Pashuk. Congratulations all!

by Daria Blackwell - 10/08/2020

US Vessel Turned Away from Canadian Arctic Waters

Covid-19 restrictions are being applied to vessels wishing to transit the Northwest Passage.

by Daria Blackwell - 01/08/2020


Some yachts have arrived and been cleared in with at least one yacht now having completed their quarantine period. 

by Guy Chester - 30/07/2020


We are hoping Australia and New Zealand will provide cyclone refuge for yachts. As many know this is a work in progress. Quarantine will surely be a requirement as it is in Fiji now.

by Guy Chester - 30/07/2020

Canadian Bert terHart Completes Solo Nonstop Circumnavigation

The 5 Capes, s/v Seaburban Around Alone is in Victoria, British Columbia, conducting 1-hour Meet and Greets

by Daria Blackwell - 30/07/2020


Much has been happening in New Zealand regarding yachts and the closed border, but we're not there yet.

by Guy Chester - 30/07/2020

Jon Sanders AO OBE Transits the Panama Canal

Jon, a recipient of the OCC Challenge Grant, has completed another major milestone of his 11th Solo Circumnavigation about Peri Banou II.

by Daria Blackwell - 17/07/2020

Upcoming OCC Events

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many events have been cancelled or postponed. A series of webinars have been initiated and will be recorded and available to view on the website.

by Daria Blackwell - 14/07/2020


Australia still has closed borders, however after representation by the Ocean Cruising Club, the Australian Government has provided the following response.

by Guy Chester & Fiona Jones - 07/07/2020

Garry Crothers returns home to Derry

One-armed sailor, Garry Crothers, sailed solo 3,500 miles across the Atlantic on his Ovni 435 Kind of Blue from Sint Maarten to Northern Ireland.

by Daria Blackwell - 05/07/2020

Diane Tetreault writes about the OCC for the NCMM Newsletter

Diane has been on the Board of the NC Maritime Museum for more than 10 years. They love hearing about the OCC and members who stop in Beaufort, NC where she is Port Officer and asked for a story.

by Diane Tetreault OCC Port Officer - Beaufort, NC - 05/07/2020

Wondering which borders are open?

As of July, many countries are re-opening their borders, although this is a gradual process. Follow the links below to plan your onward cruising or homeward bound journey.

by Daria Blackwell - 02/07/2020

Rescue within reach of Horta 

Gabriele and Jonathan Lyne rescued a solo sailor whose yacht struck a whale near Horta.

by Daria Blackwell - 29/06/2020

Sailing there and back again… a lightning strike at sea.

OCC Member Nicolas Charpy's steel yacht Frileuse took a direct hit of lightning while crossing the Atlantic to Europe, several days out from the Caribbean.

by Daria Blackwell  - 28/06/2020

s/v MARCEL skipper rescued, MARCEL remains adrift

A marine warning, Facebook posts, emails, rescue, BOLO, SSB net, and sailors crossing oceans: a remarkable story of how mariners connect and assist each other under challenging circumstances at sea.

by Daria Blackwell - 17/06/2020

Happy Magic in Hao 

At a time when people could use some cheering up, here is a story about happy magic in Hao, an atoll in the French Polynesian archipelago of the Tuamotus.

by Chris McNickle  - 15/06/2020

Billy Brannan Rescue

Interview by Emma Bullimore, BBS Sounds 06/06/20, with Billy Brannan, single-handed sailor whose yacht Helena was dismasted 500 miles short of home.

by Rachelle Turk - 11/06/2020