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Upcoming OCC Events

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many events have been cancelled or postponed. A series of webinars have been initiated and will be recorded and available to view on the website.

by Daria Blackwell - 22/05/2020

OCC Lockdown Lecture #3: Svalbard

The third in the series of webinars is now available to view via the link below. Escape to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole.

by Judith Jacobsen - 22/05/2020

NOAA predicts above normal 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season

According to forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the US National Weather Service, the outlook predicts a 60% chance of an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season.

by Daria Blackwell - 22/05/2020

Cruising Yachts Pacific Crossing 2020 - COVID Ocean Cruising Club Update

This information has been provided by Guy Chester, Roving Rear Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) on the 19th May 2020

by RoRC Guy Chester - 19/05/2020

Magnetic North is Moving Rapidly Towards Siberia

Scientists think that it's because of elongating blobs of molten metals in the earth's core. This rapid shift is creating a conundrum in modern navigation.

by Daria Blackwell - 17/05/2020

OCC Lockdown Lecture #2: A Circumnavigation of New Zealand

The webinar is now recorded and available for download or viewing online. Thanks to David and Andrea for a great presentation delivered from Tasmania.

by Daria Blackwell - 15/05/2020

OCC Lockdown Lecture #1 by Steve Brown: 'High and Dry in Antarctica'

Now available to view via the OCC website. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime: 36,000 nautical miles over four years with stunning photography and gripping personal narrative.

by Daria Blackwell - 12/05/2020

Get your (small) paintbrushes out! 

Following the success of last year’s photo competition, for 2020 the Club is excited to announce an art competition on the theme of 'The Sea'. 

by Emily Winter - 11/05/2020

Suzanne Chappell reports from Honduras

After 52 days' lockdown in the West End, Roatan, Honduras things are starting to ease up slowly, just locally.

by Suzanne Chappell - 10/05/2020

The exodus from paradise has begun

Boats have started leaving the Caribbean over the past couple of weeks, departing in small groups when the weather suits to cross the Atlantic.

by Daria Blackwell - 08/05/2020

Kristi Black reports from the Bahamas

"A call to all cruisers: Whether you are anchored, moored, or docked in foreign lands, consider how you can serve the community that is now offering you sanctuary during this unprecedented time."

by Kristi & Kevin Black - 01/05/2020

Crossing the Atlantic to Europe: Where Can I Stop?

COVID-19 Biosecurity Measures for Yachts Worldwide have been changing from moment to moment. Here's a list of harbours that are permitting yachts entry for resupply as of May 1.

by Daria Blackwell - 30/04/2020

Sea Mercy delivering relief in Vanuatu

Vanuatu, devastated in early April by severe Cyclone Harold, is in urgent need of supplies and assistance.

by Daria Blackwell - 29/04/2020

The OCC announces support for Boatwatch

The 3000+ members of the Ocean Cruising Club are out on the world's oceans, many in remote places, and most with either SSB/HAM radios or Satellite phones and able to report on missing vessels.

by Daria Blackwell - 29/04/2020

South Pacific Passagemakers

The OCC is compiling a list of yachts who are hoping to cross the South Pacific this year to ensure decision-makers are aware of the fleet and its need to be in safe harbour prior to cyclone season.

by RoRC Guy Chester - 28/04/2020

Transatlantic Support for all Cruisers in 2020

All the named support networks are open to all transatlantic cruisers, irrespective of cruising association membership or flag, courtesy of Noonsite.

by Daria Blackwell - 28/04/2020

Did you miss the 2020 OCC Annual General Meeting?

The recording of the first-ever virtual AGM conducted online globally has been posted and is available to view online.

by Daria Blackwell - 27/04/2020

Coronavirus lockdown on board in Spain

Annette & Steve Moran, s/v Cordelia, have been under Covid-19 lockdown in Spain for 37 days now. 

by Annette & Steve Moran - 23/04/2020

OCC Mentoring Update

OCC Mentoring was relaunched in 2019 and Members are taking advantage of this significant membership benefit.

by Phil Heaton - 19/04/2020

Cruisers band together to provide assistance to Galapagos islands

"No one saves himself all alone. All in communion we can save ourselves. If you are here perhaps it's for a reason. Join us and support us." - Gabriela Guaycha, Vice Mayor of Santa Cruz Island

by Andrew Glasspool - 18/04/2020