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The Ocean
Cruising Club

To be a part of the OCC is to be a part of a group of people who have said 'yes' to adventure and who will welcome you if you choose to do the same.

The people in the Ocean Cruising Club represent the distilled essence of the cruising community, a potent combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.

The sole qualification for Full membership, entails stepping aboard a boat and making a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route between two ports, in a vessel not more than 70 feet overall length. Associate Members join aspiring to do the same and being inspired by those who already have.

22 Sep 2020

Glenn Wakefield rescued after massive stroke while solo sailing in the Pacific

By Daria Blackwell via Tony Gooch

OCC Endurance Award winner Glenn Wakefield sailed from Victoria BC to attempt a solo nonstop circumnavigation. About 500 miles out, he suffered a stroke, but managed to send a distress signal. ....

19 Sep 2020


By RoRC Guy Chester

After last-ditch effort letters to both Prime Ministers, yesterday the Ocean Cruising Club received formal rejections by both Australia and New Zealand. ....

18 Sep 2020

Jon Sanders Voyage Update

By Stephen Davis

Honorary OCC member and recipient of the OCC Challenge Grant Jon Sanders has today departed Tahiti bound for Bundaberg, Australia with estimated arrival around 10th October. ....

17 Sep 2020

Upcoming OCC Events

By Daria Blackwell

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many events have been cancelled or postponed. A series of webinars have been initiated and will be recorded and available to view on the website. ....

16 Sep 2020

Unmanned vessel to follow in Mayflower's path

By Daria Blackwell

The high-tech research vessel of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) project is to cross the Atlantic to commemorate the first Atlantic crossing by pilgrims en route to the new world 400 years ago. ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report from Malaysia - A Difference A Day Makes

By Stuart and Anne Letton 

Planning used to be helpful, but not when it comes to a pandemic. ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report on Lockdown in New Zealand

By Sarah and Phil Tadd

We ended our last report by saying that plans are made to be changed; little did we know how everybody’s plans would change within a couple of months. ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report from Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga via Maine

By Pamela MacBrayne & Denis Moonan

Having left Glide in early December 2019 in The Boatyard in Vava’u, Tonga for cyclone season, we flew to Hong Kong to visit our son, daughter-in-law and then 8-month old grandson.  ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report on Roving in the Yorkshire Dales

By Gareth Thomas

The first report from a new RoRC will be rather scant as, for reasons beyond meteorological, sailing has not been on the agenda.  ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report from the Baltic

By Ernie Godshalk

Well…things have dramatically changed since my last report in January and no more cruising in the Baltic for me.  ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report from French Polynesia, Gambiers

By Sue and Andy Warman

Like many world cruisers, Spruce has been restricted in her travel range during the viral epidemic circling the globe.  ....

11 Sep 2020

RoRC Report from Roatan

By Suzanne and David Chappell

Roving Rear Commodores Susanne and David Chappelle give an account of the pre- and post-lockdown periods in the Western Caribbean where they spent 84 days boat bound in Roatan. ....